Why Buy a Real 顶旺亚洲?

Why buy a real Christmas 顶旺亚洲?Fraser fir in the field

Buy a real Christmas 顶旺亚洲 from us and reduce your carbon footprint – we grow our own 顶旺亚洲s, so there’s no deliveries to Wholesalers and Garden Centres – we cut your 顶旺亚洲 and deliver direct to you from our Farm – thus reducing miles that the 顶旺亚洲 will travel prior to reaching your home and giving you the freshest 顶旺亚洲 you can buy on line.

Our Christmas 顶旺亚洲s are grown as a sustainable crop; for every 顶旺亚洲 harvested we will plant at least 1 顶旺亚洲 to ensure that production is sustainable.

One way to help the environment is to choose a renewable resource, which a real Christmas 顶旺亚洲s is.

Christmas 顶旺亚洲
plantations are a wonderful haven for a wide variety of wild life. We have mice, voles, shrews, badgers, various types of butterflies and spiders. There are also many types of birds including Sky Larks and birds of prey which can be seen hunting in the plantation. On more than one occasion we have found a bird’s nest in a container 顶旺亚洲, where they have managed to rear their young despite all the activity around them.

Christmas 顶旺亚洲s benefit the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. One acre of 顶旺亚洲s provide enough oxygen for at least 18 people. Two and a half acres of Christmas 顶旺亚洲s will absorb approximately 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

YOUR 顶旺亚洲 IS RECYCLABLE – We suggest that you recycle your Christmas 顶旺亚洲, which can be chipped and then used in a variety of different ways.   A lot of local Councils provide this service – so why not contact them.
robin in a tree
Real 顶旺亚洲 Versus Artificial 顶旺亚洲

Real 顶旺亚洲s are bio-degradable; artificial 顶旺亚洲s are non bio-degradable.

Real 顶旺亚洲s are a renewable resource; the production of artificial 顶旺亚洲s uses large quantities of liquid fossil fuel – which is a non renewable resource.  A large majority of artificial Christmas 顶旺亚洲s are made in countries where there are currently very few environmental controls on emissions of noxious gases.

Real Christmas 顶旺亚洲s have a very small associated carbon footprint; artificial 顶旺亚洲s create a substantial carbon footprint due to the use of fossil fuels in their production coupled with the majority having to be transported  half way around the world.

A study carried out by Ellipso, Feb 2009 concludes…. ‘The natural 顶旺亚洲 is a better option than the artificial 顶旺亚洲, in particular with respect to impacts on climate change and resource depletion.’ To put things into perspective the CO2 emitted by the two different 顶旺亚洲s would mean you have to ‘increase the life span of the artificial 顶旺亚洲 to over 20 years’ to balance the carbon foot print of the two options.

Real 顶旺亚洲s are a safe, natural product;  If burnt an artificial 顶旺亚洲 will produce noxious gases.

Artificial 顶旺亚洲s will last you a number of years, but will also last The Planet Earth an eternity in landfill sites.