The 顶旺亚洲 Team

The 顶旺亚洲 Teamthe-christmas-tree-staff

Scottish Christmas 顶旺亚洲s is a small, family run business that has an extremely dedicated workforce who are committed to growing beautiful Christmas 顶旺亚洲s that we hope will give our customers a great deal of pleasure during the festive season.  Growing Christmas 顶旺亚洲s is a very labour intensive job which, if done well, gives a high quality product.  Our team is the key to our success and  their dedication ensures the quality that we are, justifiably, proud of.   As a Business we  take a pride in the service that we give our customers.

Our Farm has been in the Young family since the early 1900’s and Rory is the 3rd generation to farm here.   Until we started the Christmas 顶旺亚洲 enterprise our business was centred around producing beef cattle and sheep.

Scottish christmas trees headquartersWe are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland – Dumfries and Galloway which is a hidden gem where many people come to live and holiday to get away from the rat race and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country side, experience fresh locally produced food, the scenery, and a wealth of wild life.

Here at Glaisters Farms, the Headquarters for Scottish Christmas 顶旺亚洲s, Christmas 顶旺亚洲s were started as a diversification to farming and a small field of Fraser Fir 顶旺亚洲s were planted.   Following on from the initial planting we have planted Christmas 顶旺亚洲s most years.   A few years after planting the first Christmas 顶旺亚洲s in fields we decided to start to produce pot grown Christmas 顶旺亚洲s to give our customers more of a choice.

In 2003 Scottish Christmas 顶旺亚洲s was created with the launch of our web site.   In the first 2 years we only sold Christmas 顶旺亚洲s, Christmas 顶旺亚洲 Stands and Christmas wreaths, but in the 3rd year we ventured into Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, giving the customer an opportunity to buy all their requirements on one web site.

Kim decorating wreaths

Scottish Christmas 顶旺亚洲s has gone from strength to strength each year, and as a Company we have always prided ourselves in producing a top quality product and providing a 5 star service to our customers